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I’ve had so many people ask, how did you start Chat It Up?

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Sis Get Focused!

For all of my ladies that have a hard time realigning your focus, your time is now!


In 2020, I released my first self-help workbook.  Contained in this workbook are the five steps I took to make my dream turn into a reality!


I encourage each person to make this self-help workbook personal. Apply these 5 steps to accomplish your selected goal: whether it’s the goal of starting a business, having a healthier lifestyle, budgeting or redirecting your thinking. All of these steps can be applied to make a positive difference in your life!

what's inside


Learn the differences and relationship between short- and long-term goals, and challenge yourself with activities aimed at making your time more productive!


Find methods that not only work best for you, but motivate you to stay on top of your tasks, as well as keep you organized.

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Whether that’s exercising, a massage, or trying a new restaurant, the small moments help you to feel grounded and centered on your journey. Delve into these activities, and learn what’s best for your mental health! 


Learn the differences between Primary, Secondary, and Discretionary Income, and complete a Budget Tracker activity to keep yourself accountable!

Learn my five key steps to getting and keeping yourself motivated, and participate in a Productivity Bingo to see how well you stack up!

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