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O N  A  M I S S I O N

O N  A  M I S S I O N

Public Relations Expert &

Founder of BPR Creations


A native of Miami, I am an alumni of Oral Roberts University, with a degree in Media & Public Relations and a minor in Humanities. My practiced skills are in the areas of project management, press relations, leadership, public speaking & event planning.


In 2017, I started BPRCreations, a public relations service, where I’ve had the opportunity to work with Cowboys NFL player Felix Jones, rebrand various church companies and event venues, and more. A year later, my love for community and outreach led me to start Chat It Up! Chat It Up! supports women in business by creating a safe space where women are able to connect with other positive, driven likeminded women.


In 2020, I started my family publishing company, Stephens Publishing, and wrote my first self-help workbook, encouraging women to realign their focus to accomplish their goals.

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Growing up I was blessed being surrounded by so many amazing women, who encouraged me to be the woman I am today. I thought to myself, there are so many women without a support system and that has to change! The purpose of Chat It Up is to provide women with a safe platform to encourage each other, have open discussions, network, and to be surround by like minded women striving for success in their lives. 

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I’ve had so many people ask,

how did you start Chat It Up?


Well here are the 5 steps that I took to make my dream turn into a reality! I encourage each person to make this self-help work book personal. Apply these 5 steps to accomplish your selected goal; whether it’s the goal of starting a business, having a healthier lifestyle, budgeting or redirecting your thinking. All of these steps can be applied to make a positive difference in your life!

Thank You For Your Support!

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"I strive to do all things with

a spirit of excellence."

B R I T T A N Y  S T E P H E N S